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A Startup is a new company founded by one or a set of entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and introduce it to market. By its nature, the typical startup tends to be a shoestring operation, with initial funding from the founders or their friends and families.


But this initial funding is not enough to keep the operations of the company in long run. After initial 2-6 months of operation there needs to be another source which can help in the stabilization of the company. Funding is not only important for stabilizing the company but it is needed for expanding the operations. Hence it becomes very important for a new startup to raise funding. But as easy it sounds, tougher is to achieve. 

Don’t worry, Opecise is here to make things easier for you. Just fill this form and our dynamic team will handle the rest of the procedure.

What are the types of funding?

There are many types by which startups get funding, some of them are:

1) Bootstrapping your startup business

2) Crowdfunding

3) Angel Investment

4) Venture Capital

5) Business Incubators & Accelerators

6) Raise Funds By Winning Contests

7) Bank Loans

8) Microfinance Providers or NBFCs

9) Govt Programs That Offer Startup Capital

If you want to grow your startup exponentially you will definitely need an external source of capital. Founders bootstrap and keep operating with low setup and funds which ultimately leads to the loss of market opportunities and increase in competition

While the plethora of lending options may make it simpler than ever to get started, intelligent business owners should ask themselves how much financial assistance do they really need.


How do you prepare your business for fundraising? ?

Fundraising is one of the toughest parts in building a startup. But you don’t have to worry about it, let our financial experts take care of this. You just have to focus on creating great products/services and be ready with your planning.


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